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Did Mirza Ghulam Qadiani Kill the Anti-Christ?

 بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Fatimah-bint-Qais radiyAllaahu 'anha reported:

"I heard the proclaimer of the Messenger of Allaah sal Allaahu 'alayhi wa sallam proclaiming (for) 'Congregational Prayer'. I went to the mosque and prayed with the Prophet sal Allaahu 'alayhi wa sallam. When he finished his prayer, he sat upon the pulpit smiling and said: 'Let every man remain in his seat.' He then asked, 'Do you know why I have called you together?' They replied, 'Allaah and his Messenger know best.' The Prophet sal Allaahu 'alayhi wa sallam said, 'By Allaah, I have not called you together for hope or for fear, I have called you together because Tameem ad-Daari who was a Christian, came and embraced Islaam.

He narrated a story to me, which agreed with the account I had given to you about the Dajjaal. He informed me that he had embarked upon a sea-boat with thirty men of Lakhm and Jozam. Then the sea waves played with them for a month and threw them on to an island when the sun was about to set. They sat in a small side boat and landed on the Island. A beast with very coarse hair met them. They could not tell its front from its back due to its excessive hair. They asked, 'Woe to thee! Who art thou?" It replied, 'I am a spy (Jasaasah). Go to this man in the monastery, as he is eager to receive the information you bring.
Tameem ad-Daari said, 'When it named a man for us, we fled away from it lest it might be the devil. Then we hurriedly went on until we entered the monastery and found a big-bodied man whom we had never seen before. He was firmly tied up, his hands tied to his neck, the place between his knees, and joints tied up with iron chains.' We asked, 'Woe to thee! What are thou?' He replied, 'You have the power to get my information. Inform me about yourselves.

'They replied, 'We are people from Arabia, we embarked upon a sea boat, but the sea waves played with us for a month and threw us onto this island. A beast of coarse hairs met us and said, 'I am a spy. Go to the man in the monastery.' So we approached you hurriedly. He asked, 'Tell me about the trees of Baisan. Do they bear fruit?.' 'Yes' We replied. He said, 'Behold! Soon they will not yield fruit.' He asked, 'Inform me of the lake of Tiberias. Is there water in it?' We replied, 'It is full of water.' He informed us, 'Soon its water will disappear.' He then asked, 'Inform me of the fountain of Zugara. Is there water in it and do its inhabitants irrigate with the water of the fountain?' 'Yes, it is full of water and it's inhabitants irrigate from its water. He asked, 'Inform me of the Prophet of the illiterates. What does he do?' We said, 'He has just come out of Makkah and gone to Yathrib.' He asked, 'Have the Arabs fought with him?' 'Yes' We replied. He asked, 'How did he treat them' We informed him that he had got the upper hand of those of the Arabs who opposed him and they obeyed him. He said, 'Behold! It is better for them if they obey him. As for myself I am certainly the Anti-Christ and it is near that an order will be passed for me to come out. I shall then come out and travel the world. I shall leave no village at which I shall not land within 40 nights except Makkah and Taibah, which will be forbidden to me. Whenever I wish to enter one of the two, an angel with a sword in his hand will encounter me and prevent me therefrom. There will be angels on every side to guard it. The apostle of Allah struck his pulpit with his staff and said, 'This is Taibah meaning Madinah. Behold! Did I not tell you?' 'Yes' they replied. 'Behold, he is in the Syrian sea or sea of Yemen; no, rather he is from the eastern direction. He then pointed out with his hand to wards the East.'

Sahih Muslim (The Book of Tribulations and the Signs of the Last Hour)

The Above Hadith Should Make A Person Realise Some Very Important Points

1) Dajjal Is In A Physical Form

2) He Was Alive During The Holy Prophet S.A.W's Time

3) The Lake Tiberias Also Known As The Sea Of Galilee Will Dissapear

4) It's Not A Metaphor

Do You Know That The The Sea Of Galilee Is At An All Time Low?