Monday, 21 March 2011

Qadiani Ahmadiyya Cult Terrorists Kill Muslim Journalist

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Rana Abrar, Martyred by the Ahmadiyya Cult 15/03/11

Islamabad, Chenab nagar (formerly Rabwa), daily Ummat's news reporter and daily Ausaf's bureau chief Rana Abrar was gunned down by Qadiani (Ahmadiyya Cult) terrorists in Central Market, Aqsa Road, railway track. Rana Abrar was working on the separate judicial system of the Qadianis and the story of establishing a Qadiani city in Baluchistan, Pakistan.

Qadianis were in his pursuit once the story of mutiny within their cult was published in daily Ummat's 6th of March edition and he faced threats in the form of the President (Director of Public Affairs) of the Qadiani cult in Chenab nagar, Salim ud din. According to sources, Rana Abrar was at Chenab nagar's station when he was called by the Qadianis to come to a Railway track. A local Qadiani hotshot (Murabbi) Munir sat him in the middle of himself and another conspirator.

As soon as they sat, 2 people from the shop directly in front of where they were sitting, one named Rafiq and his accomplice, opened fire on him. Two bullets struck him in the head while another was shot at the chest. He succumbed to the bullet shots on the spot. Aqsa market, Gol Bazar and other markets were immediately shut down and armed Qadiani terrorists took positions on the street.

Meanwhile, after news of this terrible incident, residents of Muslim Colony, reached there, under the leadership of Maulana Mughira of Majlis-e-Ahrar and Maulana Shabbir Usmani of Khatm-e-Nabuwwat. They started chanting slogans and refused to go away (with the dead body) until the killers were arrested.

Police arrested the shooter Rafiq and his accomplice, while Munir (Murabbi) and his three comrades succeeded in escaping. Later, after D.P.O Chiniot Rana Shahzad Akbar assured the protesters of arresting the culprits, the dead body was allowed to leave for the post-mortem.

Rana Abrar was Chenab nagar's brave news reporter. He had credible sources within the Qadiani Ahmadiyya Cult and that is why the Qadiani leadership was worried. He provided valid proof of rifts and mutiny within the Qadianis in the 6th March edition of daily Ummat. He had informed Ummat on 8th March, that Mirzais/Qadianis were in his pursuit and that his life was in danger.

After the story of mutiny within Qadianis got published in Ummat, Qadianis started prosecuting the ones responsible for this mutiny in their own illegal courts. One leader of this mutinous group was threatened via his son that they will be exiled from Chenab nagar.

Rana Abrar had mentioned this on more than one occassion that he faced threats on his life from the President (Director of Public Affairs) of Qadianis in Chenab nagar, Salim ud din, because he used to unearth Salim ud din's land grabbing activities of government's plots via his stories. After the Ummat office offered help, Rana Abrar refused saying that death is inevitable and that he will keep performing his professional duties.

Translated by Faisal Malik

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