Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Qadiani Ahmadiyya Agent Gets 18 Muslims Arrested Under False Charges

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

A Qadiani Ahmadiyya mole working for the Canadian Police was responsible for the arrests of 18 Muslims including 12 Pakistani born Canadians, who have been sent to prison on a false terrorism charge.

The mentioned were targeted by the Canadian officials to check the thinking of the Muslim community and all of them are now in prison for four years without ever have being involved in any serious crime. The surprising thing is that neither any terrorist activity was proven against them, nor were they found to be involved in any other crime. Still, the court sent 6 of them to prison instead of releasing them (in the absence of any credible evidences), and the cases of the rest of them are still to be presented to the court.

The reason for the other cases not being presented to the court is that the Canadian police could not complete its interrogations in 4 years, nor they could find and collect any evidence against them.On the other hand, the leader of the said group, Mubin Ahmed Sheikh (Qadiani) was released Scott free, even though he had accepted in front of the court that he was the one who provided terrorist training to the group. He also said that not all of the group were terrorists. Although the IQ of these people was so low, that anyone could lead them on to commit terrorism.

In fact this was NOT a secret mission. The mayor of Toronto David Miller, himself was in the loop of the mission including 200 police officers. The court was told that whatever Mubin Ahmed Sheikh (Qadiani) did, was done on the police’s behalf and for this, he was paid around $250,000 (a quarter of a million dollars) by the federal police, and Canadian security intelligence agency.

The Canadian media had shown great joy over the arrests at first, but now it’s being said in the media that this seems to be a cheap ploy by the police to gain some fame. Whereas the police said that it was a mission so they could find out that who amongst the Canadian Muslim youth could become a terrorist if led on, and because the accused and arrested accepted willingly to not only take necessary training as well as take part in terrorist activities, these people have now been proven to be the ones who have criminal minds.

The president of Canadian think tank Mackenzie Institute said that this wasn’t a terror act, but an act of youth’s activism and stupidity. A police mole led them somewhere and they went on to follow in their stupidity and youth’s vigour, just like teens follow the opposite sex in groups in order to try and win them.

Sources say that Mubin Ahmed Sheikh (Qadiani) migrated from Karachi Pakistan to Canada, but a representative of the Ahmadiyya Cult in Canada Dr. Akhlaq Ahmed excused himself from confirming anything in this regard saying that only the Canadian government can shed light on this situation.

The Qadiani mole Mubin Ahmed Sheikh purchased lots of fertilizer for the 18 member group so that an explosive device could be made. He also purchased pistols and he was the one who trained the group to use these firearms. The same Qadiani mole took them to a forest at night to train them to walk in the dark. The Majority of the youth have been friends for a long time, knowing each other from college or school.

In prison for 4 years, Qayyoum Abd’Allah Jamal is a Pakistani born Canadian from the group. He shifted to Canada in his childhood and is imprisoned now in Kingston penitentiary. 44 year old Qayyoum is a heart patient and had open heart surgery several days before his arrest. He said that he was a heart patient and keeping in mind his condition, it was utter nonsense to put the said blames on him.

Another Karachi born 23-year-old Fahim Ahmed went to Canada at the age of 6. He too is in Kingston penitentiary Ontario. The third arrested, Asad Ansari is only 21, whose family were from Karachi. According to Pakistani community sources, Asad was born in Canada. 21-year-old Ahmed Mustafa Ghani’s parents moved to Canada from Lahore. The Fifth arrested Pakistani born Canadian is Zakaria Ammar, only 20, and has been sentenced to prison for life by the Canadian court. He was accused of having walked/jumped over burning fire coals crying “Allah is Great Allah is Great”. He also tried to practice driving a truck at night. The court-accepted the police’s claim that this training could help in Jihad, whereas the accused said that both of these activities were ok as far as legalities are concerned, and he did NOT break any law by performing these two acts.

19-year-old Saad Khalid moved to Canada with his parents at the age of 8. He has been sentenced to prison for 14 years. He pleaded guilty voluntarily according to a deal. His family sources said that police lied to them. They were told that if Saad pleads guilty he would be sent to a mental correction facility instead he was sent to prison. But now his sentence is under review.

The 7th accused is a Pakistani Syed Ahmed. No evidence could be found against him so he has been accused in a theft case. 8th Pakistani is Karachi’s Ahsaan Ullah Siddiqui. The Americans arrested him in Georgia but after interrogation, he was handed over to the Canadian security intelligence agency without any blame or accusation. Now he is imprisoned in Toronto for the conspiracy.

Four other Pakistanis were arrested under youth criminal justice act. They are very young, the accusations are also very weak and without any proof, so far it has not been decided whether to make a case against them or send them to the mental correctional facility. The Court thinks that if their names are disclosed their lives would be destroyed. However, apart from this act of kindness, they have still not been released. Along with other companions, they have been placed in different prisons since 2006. Sometimes they are paroled, and during that time, they have to wear the special electronic band to their ankles, and to report twice to the local police to tell them where they had been and what they had been doing.

The family sources of these four Pakistani youngsters have said that apart from the kindness shown by the court the lives of their kids have been destroyed on the basis of a weak accusation and still the mental torture continues.

12 of the people arrested in 2006 are Pakistani born, the rest are from Egypt, Somalia, and India. There was also a Canadian Caucasian convert, but he was released. Egyptian and Indian officials had appointed good lawyers for their citizens as well as spoken with the Canadian government. Nevertheless, no help was provided to the Pakistani born by either the Pakistani government or the Pakistani community in Canada. Only Majma’e Islami Canada has provided some legal support to them.

The reporter of DAILY UMMAT KARACHI PAKISTAN tried to interview the parents of these Pakistani born men, but they were too scared to discuss ON THE RECORD. They said that their lawyers had restrained them from talking to the media. A similar situation was with the Pakistani community in Canada. The reporter tried to take the view of the Pakistani consulate in Canada thrice in 2 days in Toronto and each time he was told to send them an email regarding this, and they will in turn send a reply.

Till date, no response had been sent to the reporter.

Translated by Faisal Malik

Original Urdu Article can be found here: Daily Ummat News